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An Auction-Goer’s Delight! – Filson Graham Has Something For You!

In 1999, Filson Graham qualified for early retirement and started Bluegrass Auction and Appraisal, the modest auction business he had been dreaming about since he saw his first auction at age 19. “I immediately fell in love with it. It was almost like a sporting event to me. It had that competitive feel to it, and that stage theater feel to it. I said, ‘When I grow up, that’s what I want to do.'” READ MORE…


Fabulous! – Get The Fever for Fostoria!

For many collectors, Fostoria glass is a seductively beautiful obsession that deserves all the attention it gets. Objects of great beauty deserve recognition, and part of the fascination of these wonderful objects d’art is that they are well within the budget of any collector. So what is it about collecting Fostoria glassware that persuades so many people to become involved in it? READ MORE…


Classic Style, Timeless Beauty – Collecting Weiss

In its heyday, Weiss Jewelry offered stylish costume jewelry at affordable prices, so affordable, in fact, that many believed it must be of low quality to be so cheap. Nothing could be farther from the truth, although the founder, Albert Weiss, did decide to market a low end and a high-end range of costume jewelry. READ MORE…


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