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Christmas GiftsIf you’d like to give a Christmas gift that is truly memorable this season, you may like to give your loved ones a relic from the past that will continually bring them joy in the future.

Even as time moves forward, we cherish our history, and many of us like to keep a few relics for sentimental, nostalgic, and even aesthetic reasons. If you’d really like to generate special moments when you open gifts Christmas morning, here are the three top antique gifts to give this Christmas season:


  1. Glassware or china. Remember your grandmother’s giant collection of delicate china? Whether young or old, a finely crafted set of china adds a sense of elegance and nostalgia to any home. And if you’re feeling especially generous, you may consider adding an antique cabinet in which to display the china; this will not only add new flair to the décor of the recipient, but will make the process more convenient.
  2. Jewelry. Antique and vintage jewelry are timeless gifts for women of all ages, and are increasing in popularity with each passing year. Whether you gift-wrap a studded necklace, locket, brooch, bracelet or pendant, you will be passing on an expression of timeless beauty in heirloom quality. The piece of jewelry you give may also be a reflection of culture, whether it be from the Victorian era, of Oriental origin or even an example of Native American artistry.
  3. Antique dolls. If there was ever one single gift that has been deeply loved through the centuries, it would be the doll. Dolls in all forms, from porcelain to cornhusk and cotton to resin, have been treasured by girls and women of all ages. A porcelain doll adds a certain intricate beauty to any room, with elaborate Victorian dresses and carefully curled hair. Such details can only be crafted by one who has put a lot of time and love into it, and you’ll be passing on a unique and beautiful example of artistry and craftsmanship.

So as you consider your shopping options, think about giving a gift this year the value of which is beyond monetary; a gift that will be enjoyed and treasured for years to come.

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