Choosing Antiques and Collectibles for Home Décor

There are a number of approaches to take when choosing antiques and collectibles for home décor, and also a number of reasons for doing so. Some choose antiques as investments, attending auctions and salerooms where some good bargains can be found, whereas for others they are simply a way of furnishing and decorating their home, or just a part of it. READ MORE…

Antique Jewelry – Investment and Fashion

There are two major reasons for purchasing antique jewelry: as an investment and for fashion. While the term ‘fashionable antiques’ might appear to be an oxymoron, the wearing of old but tasteful jewelry has always been regarded as both fashionable and acceptable in society, and in fact a study of antique jewelry down the ages can tell a lot about the history and culture of a country. READ MORE…

Stop Whining And Start Decorating….

Do you dream of evenings filled with chardonnay, candlelight and the warm glow of a picture-perfect room? Do you fantasize about hosting intimate dinner parties and being the envy of your friends and neighbors who marvel at your tasteful and comfortable décor? Do you want to create and inhabit stunning spaces like those you see in the magazines, but think it impossible because of your “soda pop” budget? READ MORE…

How I Began Collecting Vintage Fiestaware

In 1997, one of my grandmothers passed away and I began collecting vintage fiestaware.

Fiestaware dinnerware was a part of my growing up. During summer vacations and holiday visits, my family would go ‘home’ to West Virginia. I’m not from West Virginia, wasn’t born there, but West Virginia in many ways is home. And one of the highlights of going home to Kimball, a little coal town in the southern part of the state, was my grandmother’s cooking. READ MORE…

How To Properly Care For Your Vintage Fiestaware Collection

Proper care of your vintage fiestaware collection is very important for both fiesta collectors and enthusiasts. In the case of collectors, it helps you to protect the integrity of your collection, as well as the value of your investment. For enthusiasts, proper care allows you to enjoy your fiesta dinnerware for years to come, and then hand it down to younger generations so that they may do the same. READ MORE…

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