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In a sale reported earlier today by the Washington Post, an Action Comics No. 1, which debuted in 1938 and is considered “rare air” in comics collectible circles, recently sold for a whopping $1 million, making it the highest priced sale of a comic book ever.

The sale, between private parties, was conducted by, and is reported as having been orchestrated by Stephen Fishler, owner of the website.

Fishler reportedly sold the same copy of the comic book, the first to feature Superman, 15 years ago for $150,000. The comic originally sold for 10 cents, and there are approximately 100 copies of the Action Comics No. 1 known to exist. This particular copy was graded 8.0 in very fine condition, one of only two copies graded so, and is unrestored, making it extremely rare and valuable to collectors.

The $1 million price tag is triple the previous record set for a comic book sale.

The sale took place in New York around 10:30 AM on Monday, both buyer and seller have remained anonymous.

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