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In the hope that Spring will be here soon, I finally got out and on the road this weekend. I had an opportunity to visit Goss Avenue Antiques & Interiors, touted as Louisville’s largest antique mall, and located in a fantastic 120 year old historic cotton mill building on the southeast side of Louisville.

The business is under new ownership and in November 2009, its exhibit space was expanded by 15,000 square feet to include some 75,000 square feet total (Ladies, bring your walking shoes!).

When I visit someplace new and peruse the merchandise, I invariably look for out-of-the-ordinary items; things that make a new place stand out from other shops. And among the regular items of merchandise I found here – antique furniture, lamps, china, vintage clothing, rugs, silverware, antique and vintage glassware and the like, I found more than a few items of exception; a horsehair desk and chest, a museum-quality 19th century canopy bed, and a dresser purportedly from the home of “Devil Anse” Hatfield. Now those are not your run-of-the-mill items. And there was much, much more to see.

It is difficult for me to express the variety and selection of merchandise available at Goss Avenue; you really have to visit and experience it for yourself. However, from fabrics to furniture and jars to jewelry, I would arguably characterize it as the ultimate happy hunting ground for antiquers and collectors, and an interior decorator’s “dream come true”.

Last but not least, on the day that I visited when there were quite a number of shoppers in the antique mall, there seemed to be plenty courteous staff members available to assist customers with their purchases and to answer any questions.

If you do decide to visit, a word of caution; plan to spend at least a couple hours for your trip. It will take at least that long to browse through the many booths available to find what you want, or to let something find you. And as an added treat while you’re shopping, you may just want to take a break at Olivia’s inside the mall for a scrumptious lunch, then resume your antiques adventures.

If you go:

Goss Avenue Antiques & Interiors
946 Goss Avenue
Louisville, KY 40217
(502) 637 – 4878

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