I have attended a number of Tom Goebel’s auctions over the years. Goebel Auction Company has been the premier auctioneer in Winchester/Clark County for many years. Tom’s auction warehouse is located on Bloomfield Road, just off the east/west “main drag” of Lexington Avenue in Winchester. The company offers auctions year-round, but of course the spring and summer seasons are when the auction company is most active.

Goebel Auction Company’s auctions most often feature estate auctions of people who have lived in and around Clark County. Many are “run-of-the-mill” types of sales, where if you’re scouting out bargains and hoping to find a little something of interest, you can. But there are others of Goebel’s auctions where you can find some really great antiques and collectibles. And, because the auctions are held in a smaller community or venue (as apposed to a larger city, like Lexington), you can oftentimes come across really good deals for antiques and collectibles. As long as a large number of dealers don’t get wind of a particularly good sale (which of course is the opposite of what the auctioneer may want to happen), you oftentimes can obtain very good quality antiques and collectibles at much lower prices than if you found them in anitique malls, antique galleries or at traditionally pricier auction houses.

Attending Goebel’s auctions has always been for me a pleasant experience relative to their staff and setup. The staff are very congenial and pleasant, and are quite lenient in terms of helping you haul off items you’ve bought when you’ve not brought anyone to help you cart it out and pack it up. And although the auctions are most often held right in the warehouse, sale items are usually well-organized and nicely displayed so that it easy for potential buyers to examine and inspect those items on which they may wish to place a bid.

Goebel Auction Company’s auctions are held on any given Saturday, especially during the spring and summer months, and auction previews can be found in the Thursday editions of the Winchester Sun, or online at www.GoebelAuctionCo.com.

Tom Goebel – Broker
Todd Thomas – Auctioneer
Bloomfield Road
Winchester, KY
(859) 744-3637

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