I recently decided to take a trip to Georgetown’s downtown because I hadn’t been there for a little while. I strolled past the shops on Main Street, and that’s when I found Gretchen’s place.

Gretchen’s Lamps Heirlooms and Stained Glass features, of all things, stained glass! And, as I passed the shop, I didn’t fully realize on first glance that it also has antiques (Duh! It says so right on the sign, but I’m not very tall and wasn’t really looking up). But the window was so interesting that I stopped and came back. That’s when I realized Gretchen’s also has small antiques, so I decided to take a look.

The shop is small (boutique style), but nicely arranged and I quickly busied myself browsing among the ceramics and glassware. I slowly made my way deeper into the store, when I began paying attention to a group of ladies in the back. Two of the women were just completing stained glass projects, and I thought at first that they were part of the staff. But as I was drawn into their conversation, I realized that the ladies were actually students completing their first-ever stained glass pieces!

The shop’s owner, Gretchen, was patiently and expertly guiding her pupils with a little help from one of her enthusiastic staff.

I’m always honest about my feelings regarding shops that sell antiques along with other items. It’s just a personal thing, but in most cases, it doesn’t work for me. I guess I’m a bit of a purist of sorts, but in my general experience, mixing antiques with other merchandise often takes something away from the antiquing experience. That’s not the case here. I found the shop quite charming.

Gretchen has done a wonderful job of combining her stained glass business with the selling of antiques, and when you’re in the shop, the two types of items seem quite complimentary. I enjoyed my visit, and certainly look forward to visiting again.

If you happen to be in Georgetown, stop by Gretchen’s Lamps Heirlooms and Stained Glass for a visit. It will be an experience you’ll enjoy!

Gretchen’s Lamps Heirlooms and Stained Glass
136 West Main Street
Georgetown KY 40324
(502) 863-2538

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