When you walk into Meadowthorpe Antique Mall for the very first time, it’s a pleasant surprise. Located on Lexington’s northeast side in a “dated” strip mall-styled shopping center, you really don’t know what to expect. But once inside, if you’re an antiques and collectibles person, it’s Nirvana.

The mall is extremely spacious, taking up an area that amounts to at least three storefronts, and the space in nearly as deep as it is wide. And while some antiques shops/malls have the effect of making you extremely claustrophobic, either because its located in too small a space or it’s so overloaded with merchandise that you feel as if you can barely breathe, this place is a bit different. Yes, they have a generous number vendors and booths for you to browse, but the booths are arranged in a space that for the most part, allows vendors adequate room to properly display their goods. And, there’s plenty of available parking.

The vendors at Meadowthorpe offer a variety of merchandise for sale including furniture, glassware, antique and vintage pottery, jewelry, artwork, books, china, clothing and more. Prices range widely, depending upon both the items and vendors, but overall are pretty reasonable. There’s one vendor that consistently over-prices his vintage fiestaware, but then there’s a vendor I recently purchased from who gave me an absolutely fantastic deal on some pristine condition collectible glassware. So, most often you can find not only things that interest you no matter what you collect and are searching for, but you’ll usually find items that also fit your pocketbook/wallet.

The staff at the mall (I don’t know that they really have enough people working there to call them a “staff”) have always been very cordial and helpful when, and if, help is required. Otherwise, they’re satisfied to leave you to your wanderings, allowing you ample time and opportunity to find what it is you’re searching for, or to let that something special find you.

Unfortunately, the mall doesn’t have a website, so if you9ve never been there, it’s hard to get a sense of the place. However, if you are ever shopping for antiques and collectibles in Lexington, especially on a Saturday morning or afternoon and just want to take your time, this is certainly a place you shouldn’t miss.

Meadow Thorpe Antique Mall
(859) 255-2607
1455 Leestown Rd
Lexington, KY

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