Room Service is located on Lexington’s east side on Liberty Road, just off of Winchester Road. It has been serving home décor enthusiasts, designers and savvy shoppers for a number of years.

If you’ve never visited Room Service, you might wonder why we include a listing for it on our website because Room Service is not exactly an antiques and collectibles store. It’s a “premier consignment shop for quality home furnishings”. But once you’ve had the pleasure of visiting this place, you’ll realize what a great find it is for those of us who love antiques and collectibles.

Room Service is a shop that features quality home furnishings by offering a combination of consignment and new items. A combination that I most often dislike in a store, because most often store owners do not do this well. Combining new items and vintage, antiques or collectibles items requires an astute sense of merchandising; what I really believe has to be a gift in terms of skill and capabilities.

Merchants often make the mistake when offering both new and antique or vintage items, of offering new items that are manufactured as reproductions of antiques or collectibles. When this is done, the discerning antiques and collectibles customer immediately feels that the merchandiser is trying to “pass off” fake items and merchandise as authentic vintage or original antiques. Or, in another example, they mix the two types of merchandise in a way that results in a “hodge podge” display that is very unappealing.

Room Service does neither of the things described above. Their purpose is all about décor, and their market niche is that they offer their customers upscale, timeless or classically designed furniture and accessories at very reasonable prices. Because they are a consignment store, their customers can then afford to furnish and design their homes and living spaces in such a way as they might not otherwise be able to afford.

So in addition to, or as an addition to, their consigned offerings, the folks at Room Service offer a number of new and modern home décor accent pieces that coordinate well with their other offerings. So while the shop isn’t technically an antiques and collectibles place, it is a great place to find some of those things.

Room Service takes up at least three storefronts, nearly 10,000 square feet, and their “front” showrooms display furnishings in the same way that you would find them in any other furniture gallery or store. You can find livingroom sets, dining room sets, patio furniture, bedroom furniture, accent tables and chairs, bookcases and more. In the “back” room, you can find additional furniture, but mostly additional accessories including china and dishware, glassware, pottery, accent pillows, artwork, wall hangings and more.

Pricing in the store is extremely reasonable. They seem to always have “special markdowns” ranging anywhere from 10 – 50% off, and the quality of items is superb. Store staff are always very welcoming and eager to assist you if that’s what you need.

Room Service is one of our favorites in the Central Kentucky area, and definitely a place you don’t want to miss when you’re in Lexington searching for antiques, vintage or collectible items.

Room Service
933 Liberty Road
Lexington, KY 40505
Phone (859)226-0423

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