Central Kentucky Antiques and Collectibles is the website source for news, information and resources for anyone concerned with the antiques and collectibles market in Central Kentucky. We work very diligently to market our website, and to communicate to a regional and worldwide audience the best of Kentucky antiques and collectibles.

Are you an antiques or collectibles dealer who needs more marketing exposure? Could you benefit from having an online presence through our website, or by directing visitors of our website to your online site? Don’t have a big advertising budget?

If you’re involved with antiques and collectibles or related enterprises in the Central Kentucky area, it only makes sense to advertise on CentralKentuckyAntiques.com.

Central Kentucky Antiques dot com is the only website specifically created to promote the antiques and collectibles market in this region.

We offer an extensive shopping directory, published reviews providing personal insights and visitor experience information, high-quality content focused on antiques and collectibles interests (to promote repeat visitors), as well as information on related events and activities.

And, while the website reaches a worldwide audience, its primary audience is in Central Kentucky – the very market you are attempting to attract.

CentralKentuckyAntiques.com attracts a very targeted audience – individuals who are specifically interested in antiques and collectibles, making advertising dollars invested with us very cost effective.

We enjoy working with small and medium-sized businesses where we can establish and cultivate long-term relationships. And, we realize that the “one size fits all” ideology doesn’t apply to your marketing needs. Therefore, we offer several advertising options.

Contact us today to discuss your specific advertising needs, and let us show you how we can help you to promote your business.


Dear Friends,

We love hearing from you and wish to continue to do so, however we currently have an enormous problem with SPAM bots! Over the last several weeks, we have been receiving upwards of 100 spam messages each day, and we just can’t take it anymore! We have attempted to alleviate the problem, but as yet have not been able to find an effective and practical solution. So, we have temporarily removed our advertise contact form. However, if you need to get a message to us, and you are a human, you can still do so. Just go to our “Terms of Service” page (and view near the bottom of the page) where a human can easily find out how to send us a message. Thanks very much for your patience and understanding!

All the Best!

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