Cowgirl Attic is a shop you have to be looking for to find. It’s a bit “off the beaten path”, and so is not one of those places you just happen to discover. But, it can certainly be worth your trip.

The shop has been in business for at least 10 years, and is probably most well-known and referred by people involved with home design and decor, and those engaged in the restoration of historic homes and properties.

In other words, Cowgirl Attic is not your typical antiques store. Although it includes antiques among its offerings, it has much more to offer in the way of architectural salvage items used to decorate new and historic dwellings. Things like old doors, doorknobs and light or bath fixtures, clawfoot tubs, vintage and antique mantles, sconces, wall plaques, ceiling beams, and signs. It’s a place you go to “root around” to find that unusual “something” that the space you’re designing needs; even when you aren’t certain what you are looking for until you spot it in the shop.

If you’re an architectural student or simply have an interest in vintage architecture, you could spend quite a bit of time scouring the walls and shelves here (some 5,000 sq ft of space), and winding your way deeper and deeper into the shop where there’s even more to find.

But another delightful aspect of Cowgirl Attic is the outdoor portion of the shop. Outside within the confines of a fenced-in area, you’ll find a wide array of ironwork, sculpture, bricks and tile suitable for outdoor gardens, walking paths, patio areas and other “green” spaces. Actually, you could easily spend an hour or more in the outdoor portion of the shop alone.

While Cowgirl Attic is not your ordinary antiques store, it is a place where you can find the interesting and the unusual, and then use what you find to restore an historic space to its original beauty or to create something completely new, imaginative and wonderful from old things.

Cowgirl Attic is located several blocks off of Winchester Road on Delaware Avenue on Lexington’s east side. We recommend you stop by and stay awhile because when you do, you’re bound to discover something old but new.

Cowgirl Attic
(859) 225-3876
1535 Delaware Avenue
Lexington, KY

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