I recently visited Fairbanks Antiques  & Stuff for the first time, on the recommendation of a fellow antiques dealer in Paris, KY. When I entered through the doors of the shop, my first thought was “WOW – That’s a lot of stuff!”

It turns out that Fairbanks is one of those antique stores that my mother would simply love (my mother is the QUEEN of antiques shopping)! Located in an historic building on Paris’ Main Street, the shop is crammed with rows and shelves and stacks of antiques and vintage items for nearly as far as the eye can see.

From floor to ceiling there is a myriad of antiques and collectibles – furniture, dishes, toys, ceramics and pottery, books, costume jewelry, carpet, glassware, fabric, quilts, signs, artwork, and posters. Too much to attempt to completely list here.

Most items seem to come from estate sales, and it seems you can probably find a little bit of everything, so long as you have the patience to search and dig through to find what you want. Or better yet, let something find you.

Fairbanks Antiques is one of those antiques stores that is for treasure hunters – those antiquers that have no problem spending time searching through “stuff” to see what’s there and what’s of interest. And, every once in a while, you’ll find that something that you didn’t even realize you were looking for.

Fairbanks is also one of those stores that encourages repeat visits; first, because there’s no way you’re going to see everything in just one visit, and second, because it seems like the type of store where stuff changes. This week you may see one group of items, but next week or next month it could be something completely different.

A piece of advice…When visiting Fairbanks, wear comfortable shoes and clothing (there doesn’t seem to be air conditioning in the place, although it was comfortable on the day I visited). In addition, you may get a little dusty and you’ll certainly have to weave your way around and over and through the store’s inventory, but it will be a fun adventure.

And, I’m of the impression that pricing is negotiable, so if you do find that special something you just can’t seem to live without, you’re liable to get a good deal on it in the process. And nothing makes antiquing more fun than when you feel you’ve gotten a treasure and a great deal!

Happy hunting! And when you stop by Fairbanks Antiques, be sure to let them know that you heard about them here at CentralKentuckyAntiques.com!

Fairbanks Antiques & Stuff
224 Main Street
Paris, KY

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