Feather Your Nest Antiques is located on the northwest side of Lexington, on the south side of Leestown Road, almost directly across the street from Meadowthorpe Antiques Mall (Yea, you can get a “twofer” – two antiques shops visits for the price of one!).

Feather Your Nest has been in business approximately 15 years as of this writing, and I have shopped there for a number of years. At first glance, looks are a bit deceiving. The store has a relatively small-looking storefront, and there’s so much in the windows, that it’s hard to get a sense of the place until you come inside. But, when you enter the store, you immediately feel that this place is unique and has created a distinctive, individual ambiance.

I have always felt that the very front of the shop, especially to your immediate left upon entering the store, is a bit cluttered. But on a recent visit, we observed changes that have been made to the layout which has certainly helped to alleviate that. The shop is very quaint and well arranged. The vendor booths to the front of the store are set up to give customers the sense of being in a boutique. Most have been arranged very tastefully and orderly, which makes it easy to browse through the merchandise. In this part of the store you’ll find a bit of everything from vintage glassware, pottery and china, to linens, knick-knacks, artwork and home décor.

Midway into the store, you’ll find the customer service counter and a display that includes “better” pottery (sometimes Rookwood or rarer pieces of Roseville, vintage jewelry etc.), jewely and other rare, unique and small items.

Once you pass the customer service counter, you enter the “back” of the store, which is at least the size of the front, and then some. However, this part of the store is more like a warehouse (concrete floor, high ceiling, low lighting) and while it contains some of the same types of items you found up front, it also includes large furniture pieces and “rustic” antiques.

The staff at Feather Your Nest Antiques has always impressed me as very knowledgeable, cheerful and helpful. It seems that although there is some change from time to time, the vendors are pretty consistent here, which is a good sign. And in terms of pricing, merchandise found here is usually quite reasonable, depending upon the item and vendor.

If you find yourself in Lexington and you’re shopping for antiques and collectibles or simply looking for an excuse to browse this type shop, Feather Your Nest Antiques is a stop that should be on your list.

Feather Your Nest Antiques
(859) 381-1505
1496 Leestown Rd
Lexington, KY

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