This past weekend I planned to travel around to several shops in various Central Kentucky communities for some antique and collectibles shopping. As fate would have it, my plans changed somewhat and I stopped in Danville for a quick visit. I found a bit of a surprise in Not Just Antiques In Danville.

For anyone who hasn’t yet visited there, Not Just Antiques In Danville is not located where you might expect. You won’t find it in the middle of Danville’s very historic downtown district, or even one of the adjacent historic neighborhoods. Rather, you’ll find the store located in a small strip mall near the outskirts of town, close to the local bowling alley.

So, given its location (and in part its name), I didn’t have especially high expectations about what I might find there. But, I was pleasantly surprised. The store, which is an antique mall with ample square footage and a number of vendors, offers a few gems.

First, the store was neat and clean, with well-tended and orderly vendor booths. Overall, the merchandise displays were functional and attractive. But, that wasn’t the surprise. More than anything, I was impressed by the selection.

Lately, I’ve been to more than a few stores where the selection has been quite “run-of-the-mill”; milk glass, china, depression glass, costume jewelry and so on and so forth (yawn). Not Just Antiques In Danville has all these, but there were a few notable “extras”, which in my humble opinion, makes them stand out a bit.

The store features an oriental rug “gallery” of sorts, where large oriental-styled rugs are nicely displayed (as opposed to the rugs being rolled up as they are in so many shops, or spread on the floors of poorly lit booths) and you can actually see the size and patterns of the pieces.

Also notably, the shop has a specific room for displaying mission furniture, again much like a gallery. And, while I have come across mission furniture in other places (this is after all Kentucky), it makes a different (read “better”, more powerful) impact on customers when pieces of “like” design are displayed in one place. It gives potential buyers the opportunity to distinguish nuances and subtle differences in design.

To a lesser extent, but also worth noting, was the jewelry selection, where I spied several interesting pieces, as well as a very unique display of antique/vintage caricature illustrations in one of the vendor booths.

Overall, I left the store having had an enjoyable visit, and Not Just Antiques In Danville is a place I would certainly shop again. So if you find yourself searching for a little something out of the ordinary, I’d recommend a stop at Not Just Antiques. You may be surprised (as was I) at what you may find.

Not Just Antiques In Danville
(859) 239-0088
1036 Lexington Ave.
Greenleaf Center, Suite 36
Danville, KY

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