One of my newest discoveries in the antiques and collectibles market is Scout Antiques & More. I paid a visit to the shop this past weekend (the weekend prior to this post) when I noticed the “new” place  next door as I visited Room Service, and was subsequently referred to Scout by “Julie”, one of the wonderful Room Service folks (how’s that for being neighborly).

According to Greg Feeney, one of the partners in Scout Antiques & More (and a really nice guy), the shop opened the first of May this year. And, it seems that the store is quite a hit with shoppers.

Upon first entering the shop, visitors are greeted by an atmosphere that’s bright and airy. It’s immediately apparent that this is a  happy place. The storefront is modest in size, but the front showroom has a great deal of light, and the items displayed there are an eclectic mix of antiques and “artsy” stuff. Sculptures, paintings, home decor accessories and the like are all nicely arranged and invite relaxed browsing.

As you continue through the shop, passing the service counter, you enter through a doorway chock full of a variety of eye-catching (and really different) items designed to attract your attention. Once through the doorway, you enter the “back” of the store which has more of a warehouse or studio type atmosphere; a bit darker and more subdued.

Again though, there is an interesting mix of authentic antiques, vintage and collectible items, as well as some wonderful and original art pieces including original oil paintings and metal sculpture. In a subsequent conversation with Jeff Perkins, Scout’s other partner/owner, he explained that part of the “vision” for the shop is to feature the work of local artists, and offer a rich and unique mixture of art, antiques and collectibles that shoppers simply won’t find anywhere else.

As you stroll through the store, you’ll notice that the various vendor booths are small in size (which helps to create a very intimate atmosphere), but they are packed with any number of items to pique your interest (and I must confess that I did not leave the store empty-handed).

This charming shop offers something for everyone, from highbrow collectors to “just plain folks” who love antiques, art and more. And the prices I found to be quite reasonable.

I encourage you to visit Scout Antiques & More when you’re in Lexington. The shop is located on Liberty Road, just off of Winchester Road and right next door to Room Service, another of our favorite places for hunting antiques, treasures and more!

Scout Antiques & More
(859) 288-5200
935 Liberty Road
Lexington, KY 40505

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